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By Scott Pietig "Opportunistic photographer"
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My Story.

Many years back I use to weight over 300 pounds. I came down with diabetes, went on the diabetes diet, then bought a camera and started walking in the woods. I found myself shooting anything that moves for hours. It worked. I lost some weight and found a new hobby.

Over the last few years I have been very fortunate to shoot wildlife photos probably every weekend. Lately I have been able to shoot lots of owls that you would not normally see. I have been finding them by just looking up or to the side when I walk woods or nature centers. One of my favorite places is Ft. Snelling State Park. I find lots of owls, deer, smaller birds, and water fowl. I have shot photos of Barred, Great horned, Long eared, and even Snowy owls all with in the 494/694 loop here in town.

Speaking of Looking up, I have found one thing that bothers me. A person will walk up and see many photographers with their cameras aimed off in the woods. They do not look at where the cameras are aimed they just ask what are we shooting at. We point and just the small turn of their heads their eyes widen seeing a owl or hawk for their first time. Just a small look and they would have seen it even with out a group of photographers to point it out. So in my kind heart I am writing a book series and am calling it Under the Canopy Series. The first book I am writing is called Heads Up! It will be about walking the woods and paying attention to what's around you instead of what's in front of you. I have been known to stumble on few roots or took a few branches to the noggin while watching an owl and moving to get a better shot.

Barred Owls;
Barred owls are my favorite to shoot photos of. They are found mostly under the canopy of tree leaves and more often than not less than 15 feet off the ground. It is funny that just a few years ago I had no idea how many parks and nature centers have barred owls in them. I am making videos of these owls and calling it For the Love of Barred Owls.

Great Horned Owls;
Great horned owls are also interesting to shoot. They are more of a challenge to find and shoot photos of them they are more skittish and hard to get a clear shot. Remember that when you see an owl clearly they can see you clearly. The better the zoom the better the shot for the great horned. I have seen a few owlets in nest in the Twin Cities.

Long Eared;
My favorite Nature center has a surprised visitor. A long eared owl stopped in for a few days. I just happen to be going there and got some shots of it.

Snowy Owls;
Amazing grace is what I think. It was amazing the last few years to be able to shoot these lovely owls that flew about 4000 miles to come and visit us. I have been able to get some wonderful shots of them at many different locations in the city and yes even in the 494/694 loop.

Great Gray Owls;
New years day morning before sunrise we spotted a great gray owl. It was up in the famed Sax-Zim bog. It was incredible to see let alone shoot it.

Other wildlife;
Not only will I shoot owls I also shoot Hawks, eagles, osprey, falcons, and other types of birds. Oh also some four legged critters. What ever looks good, I will shoot it.

By; Scott Pietig Photograhpy
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